The Unknown Universe Inside Us

Updated: May 11, 2021

What’s happening through your mind?

...sweet little child o‘mine,

your fists are closed,

I’m being pushed away,

while I’m exploding with desire to kiss you,

to feel you, to see you smile,

to know that, you smile because I’m here.

I thought you would like this,

...I like this moment so much that,

the thought of you not enjoying didn’t even show up here.

If I could only know what’s on your mind,

what triggers your heart to tenderness,

what makes you explode with joy,

what is it that excites you,

that motivates your curiosity to get out of your confort,

and grow.

Oh, grow my sweet child,

let life expand you with gentleness,

let love and passion fill you,

obey its callings,

surrender because God is good,

He is capable,

He is willing,

He is so loving,

so tender,

so meek.

And while I don’t know the universe of possibilities inside you,

waiting to expand,

He knows,

God sees them,

He built them,

He’ll bring them forth.

Listen to his voice, He lives in your heart.

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