I’ll Have an Order of Victory Over Pain

Updated: May 11, 2021

“I had never seen someone so sad.”

I heard that once about somebody else,

but it felt as if it was said to me.

I wonder if there’s a symphony inside everyone else,

of broken dreams and standing hopes,

maybe more a battle than a symphony.

I heard somebody said the opposite about me once:

You are full with a spark of positivity.

My better half, my husband, has identified me as bubbly.

I do see the truth of that in my person,

while I also know pains.

I won’t even dare to complain about it,
it does make my sensitivity for life arouse.

Is it that I must accept pain and, surrender to feel it?

I used to hear that a lot while prepping mentally to deliver my son into the world.

When the time came for him to open up my bones,

my organs,

my heart

and my soul,

to come out of me;

while I was trying to surrender,

keep a breathing pace,

and follow the instructions of when and how to push,

I must say:

I couldn’t surrender.

The pain overtook me,

not by my own will but by its intensity.

There was this one moment thou,

I cannot forget,

it’s still vivid

where I saw myself flinching back of pain,

not fighting it or resisting it,

just feeling it,

letting it take possession over me.

I cannot say it was a relief,

I can say thou

it was empowering:

I saw myself overcoming the most intense experience I had ever lived.

In the other hand:

The love that having my son has brought me,

has also required sensing other kind of pains,

more surrendering

to claim more territory in the name of love,

and take possession of more victories.

The complexity of feelings on top of feelings,
has opened dimension after dimension of life.

It has not been sudden like the pain of labor, it has not stroked me all at once,

it’s been as gradual as powerful.

For both experiences there’s been stretching,

I am grateful for that.

Looking at my life expanding is an honor for me,

because I have not been in control of anything,


I‘ve had to surrender to the power of life,

to the goodness of God,

to his inheritance as his daughter,

to his perfect logic, his perfect word for me,

his perfect spirit,

his perfect love,

his victorious son, Jesus Christ.

So when I think of the pain I’ve felt, I can only smile, I can just feel at peace.

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