The Least of Us is a Body

Is it possible that we are more than a body?

We can at least recognize a psyche operating as part of our being too, what about a soul or heart?

What are the possibilities that open up when considering that reality?

Many times we can feel in the depth of our being (let’s call it our heart/soul) certain pointers that we are uncomfortable, excited, fearful and other sensations which indicate the current state of our selves.

At the same time, our mind is trying to process, match, make sense out of that current state that’s being born in our hearts with previously gathered information.

Since the mind‘s job is making finding logic out of things, many times, when we don’t separate a few minutes to do this consciously, the mind, on the subconscious, comes up with all sorts of narratives- based on what it knows- that doesn’t necessarily go well with our future well being.

There is another component that comes up; our intuition, a divine instrument that wants to drive our free will.

So at this point, we have identified:

A heart/soul.

A mind, and

An intuition.

Now, since all of these elements, are trying to govern us, sometimes at the same time, somebody has to step up and be the leader to which these parts of our being submit.

Otherwise we just go on with life acting out whatever comes up first, may be an emotion, may be a mind narrative, may be a gut feeling!

Oh men, and we are not even mentioning the physical, more basic, more animal component which also asks for the stage at times.

So! How can we take the lead?

We become curious. Observers of our thoughts, we are not our thought, but the observer of our thought, we become the observer of what our soul is yearning for.

We take a moment to breathe and be present, to witness the divine sophistication of our being.

In the next posts we can explore the next parts of this level of cognition. But for now, it’s good.

Cheers everybody, let’s live some! we have all of our being to experience life, yay!


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