Pride is the Killer of Potential

Taking possession over the gifts in our present to freely enjoy it, and accessing new levels every step of the way... that’s the dream!

A dream we have at hand, right now.

Whenever life feels a little bit stuck and frustrating, there might be something blocking life it self to flow; I dare to say that it is pride in some shape or form.

“Pride comes before destruction”, that statement gives us insight to alert us and not fall, because pride is the opposite of life, of love! and love, at the same time, it is what brings life into growing.

God, the very source of life is love, pure, unending and life giving; true love is humble, putting others before it self, respecting, forgiving, generous, a powerful force that drives us, with passion to expand our lives into other people’s, to share, enjoy and grow.

Pride, on the other hand, puts one self first, it’s completely opposite to life giving love.

It’s a never satisfied force that is constantly asking to have it its way right now, even to the extend of going against our true desires and invading others.

It brings death to potential relationships, is a killer and a stiller of dreams, peace and joy.

One with the potential to leave us big and swollen with ego, but weak and empty, ready to be offended by the smallest comment, ready to be defensive and attacking.

Unwilling to accept the gift of the present with the people, help, opportunities information available for us to grow.

“God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble” these two statements declare again, precisely that love is the opposite of pride and that it is in being humble that we find life.

Life, the opposite of death makes us stronger without oppressing our humanity, but helping us accept it, placing value in the person that we are, while bringing new chances and provisions to thrive.

It would be prideful thou, to depend on our own capacity to love and believe that we can, by our own devices, get rid of pride, it is a monumental task because pride is always speaking to us, through our culture, friends, nurture and so on, how much will power does one need to reject it on each of its forms?

It’s even hard to have full awareness of it’s operation in our lives.

The ultimate act against pride is to acknowledge our need to be constantly saved from it all.

“I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and give you a future”, this statement is for us to receive and welcome those plans.

From the begining of scriptures, when Adam and Eve fell into the serpents trap and decided to doubt God’s plans for them, He declared what our destiny would be: to be called his children and live a life of victory.

As his children, we have the right to the inheritance God gives through the work He did with Jesus’ death and resurrection: his own spirit.

His own power, working things for our good, filling us with more than what we dare to dream, his company to enter every challenge from a place of victory instead of uncertainty or defeat.

“God is not a men who would lie”, sure enough, it’s all stablished by him from the beginning; our challenge every day, is to accept that we are already enough, that our own strenght is not enough and let go of pride but lean to his love. #loveislove

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