Payed English & Spanish Remote Job Opportunities and Side Hustles

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

If you are interested on making extra money on the side, maybe to support the pursuit of your passion, maybe to save a good chunk of cash, maybe to monetize your spare time, or whatever your goal is, then this is for you.

It was during my second year of living in the US when I started hearing a lot about side hustles as a way to make money and now I can see why!

Side hustles are this generation‘s way to financial freedom, I know many stories of people who even gathered enough money for an early retirement.

To land the idea better; a side hustle is a way to make money on your spare time, whatever LEGIT and LEGAL money you make on the side, will be called -you got it- a side hustle.

The resources in this list are available regardless of your location.

I hope this can give access to anyone who reside outside the US to the opportunities and ideas that may not be available yet in their geographic location.

It is evident for me that one of the great benefits our generation enjoys is the dissolving of boarders thru the internet.

I know by experience that many times, working can mean to be on your sit even when the work is done, and on the other hand, money is intended to open possibilities to humans not shut us down, so with that in mind, here we go:

Virtual Assistant Services

We all feel how useful would it be to have a virtual assistant to whom you can delegate daily chores like paying off bills, scheduling meetings for you, following up calls, maybe even help you planning trips and doing shopping.

If this is something that can work with you I would even encourage you to put together your own shop and offer your services around your community.

You can even check out this website get some education on how it works. People who’s gone this road has been able to DOUBLE their full time jobs salary by working only 20 hrs a week, that’s 4 hrs of focused work 5 days a week!

Help someone learn Spanish or another language

Well, that pretty much says it all; you’ll charge at least 9 usd by the hr, get paid in US dollars vía PayPal, set a schedule in which you are available according to your time zone and there you go! This is a website you can take a look at if this is something that sounds interesting to you. Help someone learn something useful

Again, that pretty much says it all, one way is to generate a course and charge for it when it’s bought, you can offer it to your social media community and also upload it on this platform to have it distributed.

Another way is to enroll on a live tutoring platform, this is an option I’ve heard wonders!

Payed Freelancing Services/Platforms

Esta opción me emociona mucho porque esta disponible para hispanohablantes! La plataforma es Fiverr .

Los servicios que puedes ofrecer van desde diseño de logos, clases de artesanías, sesiones de terapia, hay algo para todos!

Small Social Media Business

Maybe you have spent So many hours on the gram that you are very familiar with what attracts an audience, if this is the case, get close to the physical small businesses around you and help them creat content, offers and promotions that will become a win win for both. I would recommend doing this for free for two weeks for one client and focusing on spreading the word about their discounts and promotions so you can both gain confidence from the traction.


Join a Company which supports working remotly

This is one of the factors that inspired this post. I come from a working culture where trust in your coworkers isn’t fostered, hence I really feel the importance of joining a company where one can focus and grow without the limitations of time idling and all of the others.

This is only one company from the many available now a days that hire people to write content, software engineers, marketers, project managers and all of sort of other profiles.

Long story short Loomly (the said company) develops automatic workflows for apps to communicate with each other and have the computers doing the job for everyday people. An example of this is having pictures automatically uploaded to a cloud service right after taking them, or replying certain type of emails.

If you have read ’till here, it means this really resonates with you, I hope you won’t ignore this calling you are having an just explore! maybe without to many expectations but with the conviction of finding out what are the possibilities out there.

If the language is limiting your ability to apply to any of these or other options, then you got a pretty easy challenge on your hands because simply by really paying attention and memorizing words from all the content you consume, you will accomplish a lot, also the duolingo app can really be a good tool.

If you find this interesting, have any feedback or experience to share, please don’t hold yourself and like it, as well as share having in mind that you can help us grow.

Cheers, Adriana!

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