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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

I´ve been meditating, wondering how true is it that even when there´s great intentions, it is the results of the actions what matter. What do you think?

I dare to enquire whether or not even Hitler thought he had great intentions?

Answering the obvious to that question, I guess he did thought he was doing a greater good. Of course that was delusional but being a completely out of reality premise didn't stop him to perform one of the most horrible events in our history.

That is a great example of how even thou he was convinced and even sold his idea to a whole nation, the results of the actions that drove his initial intention, are evidence qualify and quantify how horrific the whole thing was.


Sometimes, it can be quite unclear whether the intent and the action plan will birth excellency mediocrity or will just be a whole on the ground for everybody.


So, what is an intention anyway?

It´s an idea, a goal, a thing intended that requires actions to be accomplished.

While it is with activities that intentions go from the abstract, from the, let´s say, spiritual world, to the material reality, even with the purest of intentions, the results of the actions aren not always faithful to the original idea.

It seems so far that the bottom line is that, intentions aren´t evidence of value, but:

Actions and results are.


There another kind of results, the one that doesn't come from activities but from inactivity!

Many of us have great intentions, desires, dreams, ambitions, talents, passions, that may be greatly wasted too if they stay on the conceptual realm and are not act out.

Laziness, fogginess, distractions, fears, and many other are constantly doing their part to keep us from bringing to life that precious value whispering at times or screaming at others to see the light.

Awareness of how normal this battle is represents a good start point to identify what boundaries to set on ourselves to break our limitations.

Of course, transformation, won´t happen from one day to the other, but is on the journey to achieve these ideas we have that, we are able to testify -to ourselves and to others- the value in human possibilities which lie at our reach.

And it is right there, on sharing with others where we can find, both, effective encouragement and warnings about the efficacy of our actions. It is there, where we can asses whether our direction is matching to our intent.

When we can see ourselves expanding into other lives around us, benefiting, encouraging, serving as a reference, we can gain true confidence, true validation, true evidence that we are headed on the right direction.

What a precious circle.

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