Our Greatness is at Hand

Would you agree that even when there´s great intentions, it is the results of the actions what matter?

If not, I dare to enquire whether Hitler thought he actually had great intentions?

At the end, what gives evidence of true value is what´s physically done.

Actions, results.

Many of us have great intentions, desires, dreams, ambitions, talents, passions, that may be greatly wasted too if they stay on the conceptual realm and are not act out.

Laziness, fogginess, distractions, fears, and many other factores are in constantly doing their part to keep us from bringing to life that precious value whispering at times or screaming at others to see the light.

Awareness of the normal of this battle is a goos start point to identify what boundaries to set on ourselves to break our limitations.

Of course, transformation, won´t happen from one day to the other, but is on the journey to achieve where we will be able to testify to ourselves and to others of the human possibilities at our reach.

And it is right there, on sharing with others where we can find the most effective encouragement. It is there, where we can experience that living a day to day journey is what LIVING is about.

When we can see ourselves expanding into other lives around us, benefiting, encouraging, serving as a reference, we can gain true confidence, true validation, true evidence that we are headed on the right direction.

What a precious circle.

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