More Focus on Gay & Less Focus on Pride

Is it possible that by celebrating taking pride on being gay for a segment, the society as a whole might be losing the chance of being gay together?

Could being gay transcend an individual sexual preference into a shared state of being?

The thought I’m raising to consider, unfold and dissect is that maybe the path to social equality is to celebrate the ideal that unite us all (being gay).

Why is the focus of the celebration on the intimate sexual details of a group of individuals?

Isn‘t taking pride something that separates us?

Isn’t our goal to finish the divisions?

Then, why are celebrating them?

I, a heterosexual who hasn‘t had to challenge the social paradigms, hence hasn’t faced public judgement, wouldn’t be comfortable publicizing the intimate details of my sexual preferences, is it that I’m a bit blindsided here? Or is there any sense on this for the generality of people?

I’m happy to see the homosexual society rising up to live healthy lives full with love!

I‘m happy that society is being pressed on to build systems that foster their families to thrive.

I am even grateful that something with so many dirty outcomes as the capitalist state have provided their very well earned legitimacy quantifying the heavy weight of “pink money” and showing what a BIG force it is.

And I guess that’s the thing, the “pink” lifestyle, the gay lifestyle is SO influential in every aspect of society, it brings the sophistication we need as society to curate the huge offer we have available.

Could we be getting into the times for curating the narrative of being gay and make it go viral?

Who wouldn’t want to be gay by definition? Lighhearted and carefree, a person who can have peace with his/her ways, a person who live by their definition, who doesn’t take human judgement too serious but follows their heart.

We all need a dose of gay in our lives, that’s for sure!

I know soon we’ll celebrate that love overcomes everything as we experience how It makes the way for everyone to live a good, gay life that expands and benefits all.

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