Letter to a Friend

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Léeme en español: Carta para un amigx

I know the easiest thing in this life IS NOT to communicate.

That’s why I write this letter to you, who has chosen to tell me kind words when they kick from your heart to your mind.

I THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting them reach your lips or your fingers (this is the texting era after all).

You might know me superficially and without being aware about my inner details, it is love what I receive from you.

Somehow I never expect you but I’m always happily surprised to see you in my inbox.

Oh men…

I write this because I didn’t want to let pass the opportunity to tell you this either.

I wish you keep your freedom everyday and continue sharing your beautiful self and essence.

That way more fortunate people like me can enjoy feeling love in our hearts.

Love indeed sets us free.

Johnny Cash says it better than me:

One life with each other Sister Brothers One life but we’re not the same We get to carry each other Carry each other One



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