Is This God to Whom I am Speaking With? Or Did I lose It?

How ironic is it that, we pray to connect with the trascendental source of life, God! but the idea of Him speaking back to us may sound crazy?

If a person would say that God spoke to him/her, what response would that person get from the average population?

Maybe he would not be taken serious, or his experience would be completely ruled out, qualifying it as crazy.

But the same person who judged the first as a crazy person, might be probably praying for something too from time to time.

But the difference I guess, is that the second person switches off his/ her logical reasoning to pray, and does it from a place of disbelief.

In the other hand, praying with all our mind and heart, doing it sincerely, opens up the panorama to follow up after said prayer.

Many times, we will be surprised by what happens next!


Sometimes we are limited to understand how communication actually is.

Communication goes beyond audible words, it’s an exercise for all our senses. On the other hand, having faith for God, can be true while we can also have unbelief about how accesible He is, and how ready He is to guide us into living in victory.


He has both, the ability and the willingness to communicate with us.


It‘s important to know the ways we can expect to hear Him to not miss it (Let’s review this with more detail on another post).


In every relationship, we don’t know fully the person we are engaging with; we are always discovering who this person is and, who we are with them too.

So, the potential of our relationships, is conditioned and limited to what we believe (consciously or unconsciously) about the other party and ourselves.

So it is in our relationship with God.

Call to me
I will answer you
and tell you great
and unsearchable things”
Jeremiah 33:3

It is even possible to be in a relationship where only one person is actively engaging, while the other isn‘t even aware of the efforts the other party is putting.

So it is with God.

  • Many times He is speaking to us, we feel it on our inner person: we feel identify with something, may be something we read, or hear or see. A person even.

  • Some other times, although we are able to acknowledge the signs and we might even be curious to follow them, we do not know the source of that communication, and are not able to follow further either.

  • In other times we might even prefer to believe that these signs are coincidental and miss the chance to trust and build confidence.

  • And, many others, we let it pass, we ignore that it meant something to us, we don‘t invest the energy to bounce it back with Him and find out what it is that God wants to tell us.

I personally do not like doing things in which am not confident of and, asking God about it, has been effective to confirm Im on the right path, even with the things that would look insignificant To me.

The thing is: for him there’s nothing insignificant, he’s created even the dust and, everything serves a purpose.

We need to be open to sense (hello! he did gave us our 5 sense) his wisdom in the way He reveals it to us to access our potential.

Its all already there, even the wisdom, waiting to be acknowledged and followed.

It’s not a coincidence that “Israel”, the name to the first people He revealed to, means: the one who wrestles with God.

In that anecdote, the Bible narrates how Israel got that name, it says that a person originally named Jacob wrestled with God all night.

That’s all we need to live and thrive, bounce ideas with Him, wrestle every matter with him, and expect to receive answers.

Lastly, and just as a note: there are many voices in the world, discerning God’s voice is straight forward as knowing his character to differentiate if something is from Him.

To attain that knowledg, there’s nothing like the Bible to get educated in the ways he manifests, works, his goal, etc.


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