Mindfulness of The Heart

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Would you agree that there is evil in the world?

From the beginning of recorded history, there are human acts that seems like they give evidence to the existence of evil.

Evil is like a sneaky serpent that quietly but steadily deceives our thoughts and drive our actions into all sorts of low states. Into depression, into envy, into resentment, isolation, comparison, discouragement, selfishness, and it goes on and on.

The end result of living out that evil always results into some sort of death, the death of relationships, opportunities, growth, and eventually, the death of that precious essence inside us that is constantly whispering, asking to be set free.

Oh the, let´s put this into bullet points;

Evil is:

  • A real force that manifests

  • Deceiving our minds thru thoughts, which

  • Drive our actions into

  • Deadly consequences and low states.

With that being acknowledge, another realities open up:

  • We have the option to disassociate from evil when we are aware of it´s operation.

  • Evil can only go as far as it is aloud to.

Let´s ask this next question:

Why is it so important to evil to keep us on low states?

Well, the ultimate effect of keeping us oppressed is keeping the world from accessing to all the good our essence could manifest, all the great things that would, otherwise, pour out into existence for the better while we live out our purpose in freedom.

So, if the degradation of our inner essence, our spirit, is what evil is looking for:

What is it that we must be MINDFUL to GUARD?

That´s right! our treasure, our hearts, our essence, our secret place, our spirits, our souls!

That lead to the next question? How do we do that!? Let’s continue unearthing this subject in the next posts!

Meanwhile be very aware of that precious treasure that is your being.

With much love, Adriana.

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