Alo dear Adriana

Well… I will start introducing myself.

This is Pury Beatriz Adriana Briceño Purcallas (maybe I should put comas between each name) writing. You can call me Adriana and make things simple.

To say the truth I’ve realized I’m not afraid of making things difficult. Actually, many times I do.. just for the sake of experimenting in my own skin what it feels to fall and stand up again.

From that experience I can say that making things simple is my new thing.

My greatest accomplishment so far is to not die on the delivery of my first born.

My husband says I’m a pragmatic (realistic) person. The first time I heard it, it didn’t seemed so pragmatic to me.

I guess the way I think of my self is not the way people does. Pretty normal stuff I’d say.

I don’t have a favorite color yet, or food or anything (too much commitment). I do have a favorite band thou: that’s Queen.

What else can I say in the hopes of making you grasp of my essence?

My faith is in Christ and I’m a fan of practicing what I preach (I fail sometimes).

I’m starting my 3rd decade now! I received it becoming a mother.

Slowly getting to know my son moved me into finally doing this. I’ve always enjoyed writing, always enjoyed entertainment (of course) and always enjoyed self improvement.

As I wanted to do something with those and was coming up with good but very demanding ideas the time kept going.

Finally I decided to put myself out there.

I relate this to my son because he’s arrival made me understand how much he needs me in my best version.

And to actually harness my potential and offer it to him, this is one of the first steps.

I’ll be writing my thoughts on womanhood, spirituality, style, society and let’s see what else. I’ll keep it fun, crisp and genuine.

If you want to connect further with me leave a comment with your thoughts too or write to

See you in the next post!



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